Service communication in English I

"Master the essentials of Technical English for Technicians, bridging the communication gap in the global tech world. Elevate your skills for effective global interactions in the field."
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Service communication in English I

Technical English for Technicians (Basics): Bridging the Gap to the Tech World in Global Communication.
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Welcome to the "Basics of General Technical English" training!!

In this LIVE online training, we aim to explore and deepen the fundamentals of technical language in English together. This training has been designed to equip you with the necessary skills to confidently, clearly, and precisely engage in technical discussions and customer communication in English. Throughout the course, you will not only learn basic technical terms and expressions but also familiarize yourself with proven phrases, idioms, and expressions that will help you navigate technical conversations with confidence.

We will delve into best practices in customer communication in English, including Dos and Don'ts. This will enable you to develop and maintain clear and effective communication with customers. A central focus of this training is the ability to describe product-specific technical features and issues accurately. Through practical exercises, you will learn to convey technical aspects and challenges in clear and understandable English.

The repetitive application of acquired knowledge in technical contexts is at the core of this training. Regular exercises will provide you with the opportunity to reinforce and apply your language skills. Our goal is to overcome any inhibitions in dealing with the English language. The training is designed to strengthen your confidence in English communication and alleviate any uncertainties.

Ultimately, you will learn to confidently and precisely communicate complex technical content in English. This training provides you with the tools and techniques to master even demanding technical topics securely. The interactive format of the training in small groups of no more than 12 participants allows you to work intensively with the English language and benefit from an individual learning environment.

Targte group

  • Service Technicians
  • Technical Trainers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Executives


Basic Technical Vocabulary: Acquire essential technical terms for a strong language foundation.

Effective Communication Skills: Develop clear and precise communication abilities in technical discussions.

Customer Communication Best Practices: Learn dos and don'ts for effective customer communication in English.


LIVE online training: Trainers work live on-site with interactive transmission in an online classroom

Number of participants: max. 12 individuals

Duration: 1-day online training

Investment: 499,- € / person plus VAT


  • Basics of general technical English: You will learn basic technical terms and expressions in English
  • Proven phrases, idioms, and expressions: You will learn how to communicate clearly and precisely in technical discussions in English
  • Do´s and Don’ts in Customer Communication: You will understand best practices for communicating with customers in English
  • Describe product-specific technical features and issues: You will learn how to convey technical aspects and issues clearly in English
  • Repetitive practice of learning content in a technical context: You will repeatedly practice the learned content in technical contexts to apply and consolidate your language skills
  • Overcoming inhibitions about the English language: The training aims to empower participants in their ability to communicate in English and to overcome any uncertainties they may have
  • Confident and precise communication of complex technical content: In this training, you will learn how to confidently and accurately convey complex technical topics in English
  • Intensive Language Interaction in a small group format: The training provides you with the opportunity to work intensively with the English language in a small group of no more than 6 participants
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499,- € / Person zzgl. MwSt.


Margit Schuck, Dipl. Interpreter with years of interpreting experience in product and customer training.
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Schulung Service communication in English I
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